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Zaba People SearchAbout Zaba People Search

Offers an easy to use interface that searches across the social networking spectrum to locate old friends and family members. 

Zabasearch constantly updates their search database each and every day to provide the ultimate in database efficiency and accuracy.

Unsurpassed ease of use and people search effectiveness place Zaba People Search at the forefront of people search technology.

Why Zabasearch for People Search?

The Zaba search engine made quite a splash in the people search arena back in 2008; quickly capturing a leading position in the emerging online instant access free people search market.  Zabasearch operates their own independant search crawler that scours the internet for public record information on people and businesses from sources like Yellow Pages, White Pages, and other large searchable databases.   

Although the information gathered by the Zabasearch database from public record sources are widely considered to be completely legal, there are occasions where private and personal information has made it's way into the Zabasearch database.  To guard against personal confidential data from being listed in Zabasearch or other social people search engine, there are some recommended precautions that you may take:

Use a Private Phone Service

Rather than handing out your unlisted telephone number or cell phone number to anyone who asks, we would suggest making use of the many apps available that allow you to place and receive phone calls anoymously.  Our favorite is the new Googlevoice app that is easily accessable from any Gmail account.

Use an Anoymous Mailing Service

Keeping your physical address out of the public record starts with obtaining a high security mailing address.  Our favorite are those that offer remailing service without identity requirements.  Using a standard PO Box from the USPS is an acceptable alternative, but is subject to lesser security requirements and therefore is a less attractive Yes, they're pretty dry, but it's a good idea to read them. Find out if the company you aim to do some kind of business with does not intend to sell your information - you'd be surprised how many actually do.